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15, 2011

Behind the scenes: What REALLY happens at a photoshoot

Hello everyone! We’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for a new blog post, but now that we’re back home, there hasn’t been a whole lot of content for you! Rest assured, we will be back on the road before you know it and will have lots of fun and exciting stories to share with you, but in the meanwhile, here is our exclusive behind-the-scenes look at a typical photoshoot!

One thing you should know about models is that we are ALWAYS late! At least, that’s what everyone said when we, not knowing the turf in Atlanta, showed up half an hour late to our gig and walked in to about 7 people waiting on us - how embarrassing! No one seemed upset, though, so after getting our suitcases full of clothing and props out of the car, we went straight to hair and makeup as fast as ever we could.

After that, we had to wait for the photographers to set lights, backdrops, fans, flashes, and everything else they would need to capture a perfect image.

While we waited for that, we did what any model would do with free time on her hands - we practiced our catwalk! (There’s a video of it, but Tumblr is being a meany head and not letting us upload it…)

After that comes the REALLY fun part - the part where we get to pose for pictures! For this particular shoot, there were lots…

and lots…

and LOTS of different concepts!

We had a blast changing our looks again and again as the day went on, with lots of help from our amazing hair/makeup artist, who is honestly able to do just about anything!

Afterwards, we went out for Thai food with our photographers, which is always a fabulous thing, especially when someone else pays for it! ;)

All in all, it was a very successful day, and we got some great images, met some wonderful people, and got to experience Atlanta at its best!

So… That is what happens at your typical photoshoot! And just for good measure, here are a few more pictures we took of one another:

Best photographers ever! ;)

-Lisa and Selene xoxo





5, 2011

Trip to Atlanta: A Comedy of Errors

First of all, we’re sorry for not updating two days ago like we said we would - it has been nonstop busy for us since we left our town back at the start of this trip. 

WARNING: The information contained in this blog is entirely non-fiction - read at your own risk!

We left Selene’s house at about 10 in the morning, expecting to drive straight to Georgia, but instead, we got a call from a friend/photographer who asked us to stop and shoot on the way there. We did a studio shoot, a sunset shoot, and even woke up at 5:00 in the morning the next day for a sunrise shoot! He made us some seriously boss garlic bread for dinner (deelish!). Because we were having so much fun, we ended up staying well into the next day.

When we finally got on the road to Atlanta, we assumed it would be a straight, easy ride. Alas, it was not to be so, for two coffee addicts cannot travel for an extended time without frequent stops for a caffeine fix. So when we passed Jacksonville, of course we decided to pull over - it’s a huge town; obviously it would have a Panera Bread (so we thought). After a huge fiasco in which our GPS malfunctioned, driving us in circles for what felt like forever, we found what we were seeking. What we forgot to take into account was that it was a holiday - the Panera Bread was CLOSED!

Needless to say, we were crushed. We drove around and finally found a Dunkin’ Donuts - not the best coffee, but when you need it, you need it. And it was there that we finally caught our first break of the day - FREE Independence Day donuts!

Having had our coffee fix, we got back on the road again, this time for real - or so we thought…

As we were driving, we noticed that there were beautiful locations along the highway, so being in the art industry, we decided to pull over and experiment with being on the other side of the camera. Amazingly, we got some really incredible shots of one another:

Not bad, eh? :P

After that, we drove uneventfully for several more hours. We finally stopped for gas right on the border of Georgia and Florida; the place we stopped was called “Crooked River” and was literally the creepiest place in the world! There was a blinking red stoplight swaying in the wind, flickering neon signs, twangy country music, trucks, dead end one-lane roads - the whole nine yards. Because of all this, we were good and creeped out when Selene discovered that her wallet was missing with the only money we had to get anywhere!

Eventually we did find it, but the event triggered our over-active imaginations to make an entire murder movie (starring us) which you will definitely see someday. We passed many exits discussing the details of it, which explains the next error: Us showing up in the wrong state.

That’s right - we found ourselves inexplicably in the middle of South Carolina. At first we were joking about it, thinking there was no way we could be so far off from our original goal, but when every city and road sounded better with “South Carolina” after it than “Georgia,” we started thinking something might be up. At about 2 in the morning, we finally pulled over at a random Waffle House to ask what state we were in and discovered we had added at least 4 hours to our driving time.

Finally back on track and with the GPS turned on and operational, we headed towards the REAL Atlanta, GA. Both of us were on the verge of falling asleep at this point, so we blasted some Disney music to stay awake. Suddenly, Selene happened to notice we were a little bit low on gas. We were going to keep on going anyway, but at the last minute we decided to go ahead and pull off at a random exit. Obviously with everything else going wrong that night, we stopped by a broken gas pump, which would have been no big deal had we not run completely out of gas at that exact moment, rendering the car useless. A random security guard had to come out and push our car to a working gas pump (which, by the way, almost did NOT work).

FINALLY, we made it to the hotel at about 6 in the morning (yes, literally) and went to pull into the parking lot. We noticed a creepy guy staring at us as we were pulling in, but we ignored him until he was banging on the driver’s window of the model-mobile. He started asking us for money and cigarettes, and when we gave him a couple of those, he wouldn’t leave well enough alone. He asked us if we had ever been “high” and wouldn’t shut up about how we should do it with the “right people” even though he had INTRODUCED himself saying he had gotten out of prison 3 days prior to our meeting. He ended up asking us if we could “hang out” for a few hours. Needless to say, we turned him down and went to our hotel room and to bed.

As of now, we just finished our first shoot of the trip, got some seriously delicious coffee, and are about to have Atlanta at our fingertips!


-Lisa Marie and Selene xoxo

"We are famous - the world just doesn’t know it yet." -Lisa Marie





27, 2011

Here’s our blog!

Welcome to the grand opening of our brand new, totally amazing travel blog!

This is Lisa Marie Vale:…

And this is Selene Johansen:…

…and we are models!

We are starting this blog in order to share our experiences with you as we travel the country in search of ever more wonderous, fun, and exciting photoshoots! We hope to give you pictures (taken both of and by us), videos, blog updates, and any other things we can think of so that the experience can be as real for you as it is for us. After all, it’s not every day you get the chance to take a road trip throughout the USA!

As of right now, we are in a packing frenzy for our very first stop - Atlanta, GA!

We will update with our first-ever travel blog when we are on our way there on July 3. Stay tuned!